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High Point Furniture Market Spring 2017- North Carolina

This year's Spring Market in High Point was simply amazing.  Living  just a few hours away,  I go to be inspired by the new and innovative ideas making their way into the world, like newborn babies.  Every showroom is poised in perfect order, designed as eye candy for the discriminating buyers and designers that flock to their favorite spots.

 I like to venture into the newbie "temps' area, where you never know who or what you will see.  Budding businesses have the opportunity to rent a small space and launch their ideas into the real world.  That inspires me.  I found a couple of exciting things I may be adding to my inventory of fabrics and pillows.  Both found in the "temps' areas.

Of course my favorite showroom was filled with amazing  "can't keep my eyes and hands off of the stuff" furniture.  I was so Enamored by Bernhardts's Hammered Leaf contemporary wing chair...I wanted to stuff it in my convertible right on the spot..   


My Take on what's Hot for 2017

First of all I love Fixer Upper, partly because it's what I used to do before I started this business.  Secondly I love Johanna and Chip Gains.  Well this was her year.  She was splattered on bill boards, signs, trucks and wall posters, all spouting out  "COME SEE HER NEW SHOWROOM- S"  Yes so much stuff it was on two floors and separated into furniture, accessories,, rugs and pillows.  Take your pick, it was like eating comfort food for my eyes.  The soft natural colors and textures went together with new and old.  Her new take on a Winsor Bow Back chair, made in wrought iron was clever. It's  industrial Chic- tweaked just a bit on the traditional side. I did not like the "reproduction antiques" in her line, I thought they looked to much like an import shop, but Ill give it a B-, but the rest was very lovable. Here is her 3 story Sign on the main IHFC Building... Good luck to her new line.

Colors:  All flavors of green especially the Lilly Pad Greens and Indigo Blues.  Gem tones will dominate. One source says Blues are the new Black.  Highpoint market has spotted Chartreuse as an emerging color, the not quite yellow and not quite green color that goes with every other color.  Yellow is also a bright up and coming color.  Pale rose pinks have come back to add that soft neutral touch. So switch things up for your new spring look.  Fashion can help you spot what is going into homes.

Patterns:  Diamonds and Geometrics…lamps, wall coverings, fabrics, rugs. One source calls it “Facet-nating” and many sources say the juxtaposition of straight lines against natural accents are all the look.  i.e.: Chiseled angular tables out of raw wood. Circles have been spotted in many show rooms, circular end tables, circular wall art, and circles on circles.

Artisan Pieces:  DIY is on the back burner, and Artisan one-of-a-kind pieces are here to make a statement.  UNIQUE CHAIRS (had to emphasize that), artisan tables, handmade art and lighting all are making a statement in today‘s home fashions.

Tropical Prints:  Emphasis on bringing nature in.  Wood stump side tables and deep jewel tone colors are part of this trend.

Marble and bronze or brushed gold metals are making their way in kitchens and baths.  Less stainless steel appliances (I thought would never end), and back to matt appliances in different palette colors than you have ever seen before.

Cerused Woods: the kind of wood that has a raised grain, and looks like it was left out to weather but actually done with machinery and stains and waxes.  Restoration Hardware has this down to perfection.

Nail Head Detail:  Look for patterns and shapes formed by nail heads to add detail and uniqueness to furniture.  I personally love to add nail heads to any project that will have it.


Subway tiles: Thanks to Joanna Gains and her HGTV Fixer Upper, it’s become a trendy re-newed craze.  Walls, Floors, Backsplashes…you pick, it’s there.

Smart Home Features are continuing to be added to the home, such as appliances and general virtual assistants like Olexa or Smart TV’s.  I just can’t keep up sometimes!

Experimental Curation:  Collect things that make you feel happy! Ceramics with legs, accessories with an attitude, tables with bright colors and dynamic forms.  Make an unexpected statement in your home.

Taste of it ALL:  Glitz to Natural …yes you can mix a bit of each in every room.  Mix and Meld Colors, Textures, Raw meets Polished, and surprise mixes.  Similar to experimental curation.

Layering Lines:  You will see pleating, channeling, and quilting lines in upholstery.  Diamond Tufting, and tucks of all kinds.

Warm Masculine Lines:  Tailored pieces with wrapped leathers and woods. Details that speak sleek and unfussy.

Edgy Contemporary: Fun and Funky pieces to add to the mix. This overlaps Artisan and experimental Curation.





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