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          So You Want An Awesome One of a Kind Chair?

 I love to take custom orders, however I do not do ordinary upholstering work. I prefer to make one of a kind Chair Art.  I will be happy to recommend upholstering services in your community if my work is not suited for your requirement.  If you would like ME to design your chair makeover, but you live too far away,  I can do a custom mock up that you can take to your local upholsterer!  It's the next best thing! Read how....



Custom Work

Here is how I create a one-of-a-kind custom piece. 6102015iphone-715-768x1024

If you are thinking you want something “different” that you would like to design with me, then we start by collaborating on ideas. My design process is $200 which includes:

  • Emails and phone calls to create design
  • Finding chair frames that suit your setting
  • Hand drawing the idea sketches
  • Sending swatches for approval
  • Final Estimates on final costs and Time Frame and Costs for Delivery
  • (All the swatches and sketches are yours to keep)

At this Point, if you want to continue, a contract will be drawn and the process begins!
When everything is approved, a 50% deposit for the total job is required upfront.
The $200 design fee will be subtracted from the invoice. Final costs are due just before delivery.  I will not take any furniture until under my wing until all of the above has been completed.  I have a running list of names, and I will gladly put your name on the list when we are ready to move forward.  I will contact you when I am ready to begin, and for an arrangement to receive the chair at my design studio. The hardest thing is waiting for it!



We look forward to making a One Of  A Kind work of art for you!.

Jenny Ellis

And The Sittin' Pretty Staff





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Pick up is always an option.






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